Don't Stress Over Vintage Appliance Repairs in Fort Worth

You can find plenty of appliance repair shops scattered around the Fort Worth area. But if you’re looking for appliance repair service that caters to the old, go with the team from Antique Stove Restoration of Texas. Serving homeowners and businesses since 1972, we span the generations to bring you one-stop assistance for your appliance repairs. Ensuring that yesterday’s antique stoves and more work today, we’re your source for reliable appliance repair help.

It’s remarkable how long an appliance can last when it’s shown the proper level of care and attention. Whether you need vintage appliance restoration for an antique fridge or appliance service for an antique stove, our technicians are up to the task. We offer more than four decades of hands-on experience, along with 90-day warranties on both parts and labor. Call us now for details!

For comprehensive vintage appliance repair service in Fort Worth, look no further than Antique Stove Restoration of Texas. Contact us today at (972) 525-0537.

Established in 1972, our appliance service covers the full range of appliance repairs for antique kitchen appliances. From vintage refrigerator restoration to antique stove repair, we have you covered! We put our 40+ years of experience to the test for homes and businesses in the Dallas area, delivering truly flawless vintage appliance repair and restoration services time and time again.